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Blessed by the abundance of water, Asakura is a city very committed to ecology and the protection of nature. This is why his natural landscapes are so pure and his inventions for the use of water blend into the landscape. Here are the most convincing examples:

  1. Akizuki Castle town Fall foliage 

Every year during the fall season, Japanese from Kyushu and other parts of Japan plus many foreigners come to visit Akizuki Castle Town in Asakura city to enjoy an amazing natural landscape. With the black gate and the Akizuki castle ruins, the fall foliage colors are intensified. Professional and amateur photographers try to catch the contrast of colors and the incredible harmony of autumn fall colors and stones. Some japanese and foreigners rent kimonos to take memorables photos. Another iconic place to take amazing pictures is Megane Bridge or Megane bashi. Under the bridge, the Notori river flows gently. People enjoy eating the famous Curry pan, one of Akizuki specialities while contemplating the fall foliage. 

  1. The Water wheels system 

There’s seven Water Wheels in Asakura. Built during the Edo period, the Asakura Water Wheels were made by local farmers. It’s an exceptional construction showing the know-how of Asakura’s inhabitants hundred years ago. The Wheels are still operating providing water to 35 hectares of paddy fields. The water wheels are divided into three sets. They are the most sophisticated and biggest examples in Japan of automatically rotating and pumping water wheels. There are two double water wheels “Mijima” and “Hisashige” plus the famous Hishino triple water wheels known as the “steam locomotive of the rice field”. 

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