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Asakura is a city blessed by water and has a deep culture developed around it. Once arrived, you will immediately feel your energy renewed. More than half of the city is covered by dense forest and mountains. It’s not a coincidence that the magnificent Amagi Park located there has become a real tourist attraction.

Also, Asakura residents are particularly keen on their organic lifestyle, their healthy culinary habits and their daily sports activities.  They merge with nature and enjoy spending their free time hiking, walking their dogs or jogging.

In Asakura, a whole market is dedicated to fresh produce sold directly by farmers in the region. It’s located near the Triple Water Wheels. The prices are quite reasonable and the merchandise quality is always excellent.

All this has been made possible thanks to the presence of the aquatic element which dominates the urban landscape. In Asakura, water is present in its finest forms. The city is crossed by the Chikugo River, the longest in Kyushu. The relaxing sound of the water flowing through small streams delight passers-by.

Yearly, around 800.000 locals and foreigners visit the hot springs of Harazuru Onsen, the largest hot spring village in Fukuoka prefecture. It’s well known by its rejuvenating effects on the skin. The hot spring resort holds various seasonal events such as the herb festival, and the region is well known for its medicinal and organic herbs.

Another interesting attraction related to water is Amagi Water Culture Village located by Terauchi Dam. It’s a great place specially for children and families. You can enjoy learning about the importance of water through playful ways. There’s the Aquaculture Zone, the Green Zone and the Waterfront Zone. Surrounded by nature, a huge fountain and big trees, you can enjoy the outside roller slider with your kids and even set up tents and enjoy snacks on the lawn.


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